Integration of a leading e-billing system with Oracle


Major banking client


API Development, data architecture, data management, data migration, project management, testing, business analysis




Leading ERP solution, world leading e-billing software


The importance of spend data is paramount when looking to control costs. For this reason many legal departments have implemented legal spend management systems.  These systems, however, whilst critical for the legal team, often work independently from the business financial systems, To ensure complete visibility and maximum efficiency in the billing and accounts payable workflow, a seamless integration between such systems  is now seen as essential for most clients. When our client, with millions of dollars of legal spend asked us to make their two systems “talk” we knew this was a project for us since we had experience with other customers previously who used the same two systems.

We took on the following challenges:

  • Design a process that would replace the current manual ways of working and entering invoice data into the finance system
  • Ensure that the data flowing between both systems was cleansed and mapped
  • Designed and built the API to deliver the data
  • Implemented and tested the integration
  • Took the project live and under budget


A two-way integration designed to streamline processes and boost efficiency through the bill-to-pay lifecycle.


An automated and seamless process allowing both systems to

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