Discover your digital transformation partner

With our hands-on legal process knowledge and decades of experience working in legal, Jalubro is the digital transformation partner you need to innovate and transition into a digitally mature legal function

Solving today's complex business challenges requires diverse skills and creative thinking

We thrive in complex environments, providing experienced, multi-skilled consultants with expertise across technology, legal operations, spend optimisation, project management and data science.

By combining our exceptional delivery capability, industry knowledge and technical expertise, we deliver success where others have failed.

How we do it

Our experience, focus on quality and commitment to collaboration are the strengths that Jalubro brings to each engagement.

While every project is different, we follow a simple and effective approach that allows us to better understand your needs and create the right solution to help you deliver legal services better, faster and cheaper.

Our Services

Our services help you reimagine the way you operate, digitally innovate and adapt to a new reality. 

Digital Strategy

Ensure your approach to creating a digital transformation strategy is collaborative and leads to greater adoption. We’ll help you design a process that is both continuous and adaptive.

Digital Technology

Explore how technology can streamline your legal department and boost performance. We’ll guide you through all stages of technology adoption from proof of concepts, selection, deployment and beyond.

Digital Consulting

Embed agility within your legal department and adapt to a new digital reality. We’ll help you and your teams focus on better ways of working through innovation.   

Process Optimisation

Almost every legal department is trying to do more with less. Inefficient processes can be costly. We’ll help you create lean, sustainable and predictable  processes that deliver the right results. 

Legal Technology

Understanding what technology is in the market and how it could help you can be challenging. We’ll work with you and share our experience to ensure you make the right investment.

Legacy System

Upgrading outdated software is essential for organisations looking for greater efficiency and cost savings. We offer full-cycle legacy software modernisation without disrupting day to day operations.

Intelligent Process

Reimagine legal service delivery and understand how intelligent automation can deliver long-term success.  Our automation experience and delivery expertise will ensure you achieve your business outcomes and vision. 

Software Evaluation & Selection

Finding and choosing the right legal technology can be a daunting task. We help by assisting in the assessment and selection of legal software.

Legal Technology Assessment

Predict demand changes and adjust inventory volumes and pricing strategies accordingly.

Software Implementation

You’ve found the technology you want. But how do you implement it? We offer end-to-end legal technology implementation services.

Optimisation & Modernisation

When new technology is not an option, getting the most from your existing software without disrupting day to day operations is essential. Let us show you how to do that.

Vision & Roadmap

Building a roadmap that supports your long term digital transformation strategy.

Proof of Concepts

Try before you buy is always a sensible approach. Let us take the hassle away from you. We’ll organise and manage your proof of concept from start to finish. 

Technical Integrations

To maximise speed of information, it is essential that your systems can ‘talk’ to each other. We can integrate multiple technologies to seamlessly operate as one.

AI Solutions & Consulting

From document analysis to AI invoice review, we provide AI consulting services and build bespoke artificial intelligence solutions that give you a competitive edge.

Legal Spend Assessment

Understand how you can achieve your spend objectives.  Our assessment will help you create an actionable roadmap for cost savings and spend optimisation.

Custom Development

Can’t find the right solution to address your needs? Our team are experts at developing bespoke solutions using cutting-edge technology.


Are you looking to optimise performance? We provide comprehensive analytics services to help your legal department thrive.

Legal Spend Strategy

Looking to reduce your costs? We’ll design a spend strategy that generates significant savings optimises law firm relationships and maximises our ROI.

Legal Spend Analytics

Do you want to unlock savings opportunities by increasing visibility of your data. We’ll help gather and organise your spend data so it can be analysed through visualisations.

Legal Bill Review
& Audit

Go beyond the savings that can be generated by an e-billing system.  We help increase efficiency and generate significant savings with data driven outsourced bill review.

Spend Management Consulting

Understanding the possibilities that are available to you for achieving your objectives and implementing a modern, collaborative spend management programme.

E-billing and Software Implementation

You’ve selected the software to manage you spend.  Now you need the right partner to implement it. We have decades of experience with all the leading systems.

Spend and Performance Analysis

Analysing spend patterns to reduce costs, increase efficiency and improve supplier relationships

Billing Process

Dealing with billing related issues are time consuming and take time away from being a lawyer. Using our knowledge and technical knowhow we can automate your billing processes to improve efficiency. 

Outside Counsel Evaluation, Selection and Management

Is it the time to renew or create your panel? We’ll help by assessing your outside counsel performance with an easy to adopt performance diagnostic tool.

Billing Guideline Creation and Audit

Setting clear expectations on how you work with your law firms is of paramount importance. Our experts have written thousands of guidelines and can help you get the most from yours. 

Budget & Matter

Managing budgets and matters more effectively through legal project management techniques and software.

Legal Project management

Managing matters can be time consuming and costly. But done effectively can deliver great results.  Our certified team can assist in all aspects of LPM.

Programme Management

We’ll support you across major programmes of work when you need it most. Our services  are delivered by specialist experts across the full project life cycle.

Project Management

Do you have a project and need dedicated project management expertise? Our experts help with planning, managing and executing projects that successfully deliver your goals.

Business Analysis

Our dedicated team of BAs enable change by defining business needs and putting in place practical solutions.


Managing the people side of change and developing strong stakeholder engagement.

Data Analytics &

Bring your data to life through powerful interactive visualisations designed by a team of legal experts and data analysts.

Data Science &
Machine Learning

Dive into your data and unlock breakthrough insights for better performance. Let our team of data scientists solve your business challenge.

Data Analytics

Whatever your goals, our team of data analysts are here to support you at everystage of your data journey.

Smartsheet Consulting

Our consultants are highly skilled experts who ask the rights questions, listen diligently to fully understand your needs and design solutions fit for your business.

Smartsheet Development

Leveraging years of experience, our experts can quickly develop solutions in Smartsheet that solve even the most complex and demanding of business challenges. 

Integrations & Premium Apps

If you want to get more from your Smartsheet investment and need help with premium apps or would like to seamlessly integrate with a 3rd party system, we have a team of specialists.

Bespoke Training & Support

Whatever level of training you need, our team will work with you to meet your requirements. From standard Smartsheet training to bespoke packages designed for your business.

10,000 ft. Launch 10 Package

This includes training for individuals in your organisation and how to launch Smartsheet solutions within your business. It’s our best combination for organisations looking for high level applications.

Control Center Rapid Deploy

Here is the one blueprint package that is perfect for businesses who are looking to scale or want to deliver greater consistency across multiple processes and get a consolidated view of projects.

Launch 10 Package

This is primarily used as an introduction package to Smartsheet. Lauch 10 features 10 consulting hours to finalize a demand management process or to tweak project execution tools.

Train 10 Package

This is ideal for those who have already purchased Smartsheet, but need help on the training. Whether it is on the basics or best practices! It’s up to you on which you’d like to focus on.

Reducing costs and increasing efficiency with modern spend management

Reducing spend remains a top priority for most legal departments—when Jalubro were engaged by a leading financial services firm we designed and implemented a spend management programme that delivered greater than 20% savings and 10x return on investment.