Remain relevant to gain competitive advantage

Helping you adopt the right technology to achieve successful business outcomes

With legal technology moving ever faster, it takes a lot to figure out the true value technology might bring to your legal department.

We make sure you are adopting  technology for the right reasons. Our mission is to help legal teams ‘go digital’ and deliver legal services better, faster and cheaper through the use of technology.

How we do it

We think in terms of value, not just technology.  We deep dive into your business to design systems capable of driving growth today and into the future. Using a tech-agnostic approach, we find the right blend of software that let you capture the full value of tech.

What's your technology priority?



Upgrading outdated software is essential for organisations looking for greater efficiency and cost savings. We offer full-cycle legacy software modernisation without disrupting day to day operations.

Making any change to a business’s technology environment can be a complicated task. We'll help create a technology roadmap and plan out the best way to introduce a technological change into your legal department.

Management and employee buy-in are essential to any change initiative. We help create the business case and communicate the value proposition as well as the vision for change.

Due to the exponential adoption of technology, legal department budgets are being stretched even further. We offer flexible, low cost options to implement and manage your technology.  

AI, IPA, AR, Blockchain. The legal industry is flooded with new technologies. The question is what are they and what do they do? We help you demystify emerging technology and understand how you can best use it in your legal department for maximum advantage.

You've identified a need to change, but finding selecting and implementing the technology to address that need is not as straightforward as it may seem. Our experts have years of experience working with legal technology and software vendors. Because they are lawyers too, they know exactly what technology will fit and how to deliver it. 

We combine deep understanding of legal processes and digital technologies to design, develop and deploy the right solutions to help you on your journey.

With so many technology initiatives ongoing, many legal teams are struggling to find the right resources to deliver projects successfully.  Our highly experience team of lawyers, project managers and technology consultants offer a flexible, low cost option to implement and manage your technology projects.  

Running a proof of concept for legal technology is a good way to assess the viability of a solution to address your needs. Using our decades of experience and deep legal tech vendor relationships we'll help you successfully organise and manage your proof of concept from start to finish. 

Understanding existing processes and how to effectively improve the efficiency and effectiveness of your legal department is a time consuming job. Our process experts are lawyers and experts analysts experienced in BPM techniques and Lean Six Sigma. 

Our technology and engineering services

Legal Technology Consulting

Understanding what technology is in the market and how it could help you can be challenging. We’ll work with you and share our experience to ensure you make the right investment.

Legal Technology Assessment

Predict demand changes and adjust inventory volumes and pricing strategies accordingly.

Software Implementation

You’ve found the technology you want. But how do you implement it? We offer end-to-end legal technology implementation services.

Optimisation & Modernisation

When new technology is not an option, getting the most from your existing software without disrupting day to day operations is essential. Let us show you how to do that.

Proof of Concepts

Try before you buy is always a sensible approach. Let us take the hassle away from you. We’ll organise and manage your proof of concept from start to finish. 

Technical Integrations

To maximise speed of information, it is essential that your systems can ‘talk’ to each other. We can integrate multiple technologies to seamlessly operate as one.

AI Solutions & Consulting

From document analysis to AI invoice review, we provide AI consulting services and build bespoke artificial intelligence solutions that give you a competitive edge.

Vision & Roadmap

Building a roadmap that supports your long term digital transformation strategy.

Legacy System

Upgrading outdated software is essential for organisations looking for greater efficiency and cost savings. We offer full-cycle legacy software modernisation without disrupting day to day operations.


Can’t find the right solution to address your needs? Our team are experts at developing bespoke solutions using cutting-edge technology.

Intelligent Process

Reimagine legal service delivery and understand how intelligent automation can deliver long-term success.  Our automation experience and delivery expertise will ensure you achieve your business outcomes and vision. 

Software Evaluation & Selection

Finding and choosing the right legal technology can be a daunting task. We help by assisting in the assessment and selection of legal software.

Our legal tech expertise covers

E-billing & Matter Management Document Management Document Automation Contract Management Digital Signatures AI & Chatbots Legal project management Collaboration tools Data & Analytics Workflow & Automation Integration tools