Global implementation of an e-billing and matter management solution


One of the world’s largest energy companies


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Electric Utility


Leading e-billing & matter management system, analytics,


One of the world’s largest energy companies lacked efficient and effective matter management capabilities and had no ability to control outside counsel spend. To address this issue, the legal department selected a leading matter management, electronic billing and analytics platform to streamline operations, control spend, and gain complete visibility into their legal matters and spend.

We took on the following challenges:

  • Create an easy-to-use custom web portal to enable a 360-degree view of all data sources and data available in any format (Excel spreadsheets, invoices, PDFs, text files, databases, etc.) across the entire organization
  • Develop a self-service BI platform to provide business users with an opportunity to analyze data and create complex ad-hoc reports
  • Create a Master Data Repository to serve as a source of truth for all organizational data
  • Break down data silos and achieve consistency across data sources by collecting and connecting petabytes of data from disparate systems
  • Provide data cleansing by detecting and correcting incomplete, incorrect, inaccurate, or irrelevant data and then replacing, modifying, or deleting the dirty or coarse data records from original data sources
  • Manage data security and set up role-based access control


Jalubro were engaged to lead the global implementation of the new system. Providing a wealth of technical and operational expertise and project management from start to finish, our experts were involved in all stages of the project lifecycle applying deep knowledge of delivering matter and spend management systems to large, complex global businesses. The project involved onboarding in excess of 700 law firms globally and was delivered in a phased approach.


The legal team across 27 business lines went live on the new system (phase 1) within 7 months .

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