We see legal spend management differently than others

The old way of managing legal spend no longer cuts it!

Managing legal spend should not just be about operating in siloed, disconnected ways and simply negotiating lower rates with your firms and saving a few pounds.

To us, legal spend management is a framework for controlling spend using data, automation and workflows in an iterative and streamlined way to make better decisions and achieve faster results. We call this agile legal spend management.


Adding agility to spend management

Eliminate manual processes and human error – Remove the most painful elements of your manual processes by automating areas such as spend reporting, billing approvals and onboarding.

Positive spend culture – Agile spend management empowers users from across the business to practice prudent spend culture.

Enhanced collaboration and communication – Greater levels of collaboration lead to increased productivity and is a key component of agile spend management.

Flexible and responsive planning – Teams adopting agile spend management realise faster results by managing their work in smaller strategic initiatives.

Real-time insights – Instead of utilising yearly spend data, agile teams gain spend visibility in real time and have access to externally available data such as benchmarking for deeper insights.

Faster time-to-value –  Instead of going for “big-bang” annual savings targets, agile spend management adopts an incremental savings approach

What's you priority?

Visibility into legal spend is essential for any legal department. We use powerful analytics to provide greater transparency into what you spend on legal services and to identify additional savings opportunities.

Maintaining your valuable relationships with outside counsel can be difficult when trying to reduce legal spend. Our seasoned spend management experts will implement processes that maximise savings opportunities whilst ensuring relationships remain strong.

Many traditional e-Billing systems lack the capability to effectively track supplier performance and costs. We use spend analysis and data science to provide greater insight into your vendors.

Reviewing and processing legal invoices to ensure compliance and accuracy is a time consuming task. We help digitise and simplify internal billing processes freeing up valuable lawyer time.   We also offer a fully managed invoice processing and review service.

Using powerful legal spend analytics to help identify savings opportunities and optimise costs 

Legal billing guideline compliance plays an important part in the success of a legal department’s overall spend management strategy. Our bill review solution guarantees compliance with your guidelines and delivers significant savings to your bottom line. 

With spend and performance data often distributed between a large number of systems, across many different geographical locations and business entities it is important to have a single consolidated view. Our analytics and data science team create powerful, interactive spend dashboards that can be deployed across your legal team. 

At the heart of spend management is technology and data. We'll help you select, implement and optimise software to drive your spend management programme.

Our legal spend optimisation services

Legal Spend Strategy

Looking to reduce your costs? We’ll design a spend strategy that generates significant savings optimises law firm relationships and maximises our ROI.

Legal Spend Assessment

Understand how you can achieve your spend objectives.  Our assessment will help you create an actionable roadmap for cost savings and spend optimisation.

Legal Spend Analytics

Do you want to unlock savings opportunities by increasing visibility of your data. We’ll help gather and organise your spend data so it can be analysed through visualisations.

Legal Bill Review
& Audit

Go beyond the savings that can be generated by an e-billing system.  We help increase efficiency and generate significant savings with data driven outsourced bill review.

Spend Management Consulting

Understanding the possibilities that are available to you for achieving your objectives and implementing a modern, collaborative spend management programme.

Billing Guideline Creation and Audit

Setting clear expectations on how you work with your law firms is of paramount importance. Our experts have written thousands of guidelines and can help you get the most from yours. 

E-billing and Software Implementation

You’ve selected the software to manage you spend.  Now you need the right partner to implement it. We have decades of experience with all the leading systems.

Spend and Performance Analysis

Analysing spend patterns to reduce costs, increase efficiency and improve supplier relationships

Billing Process

Dealing with billing related issues are time consuming and take time away from being a lawyer. Using our knowledge and technical knowhow we can automate your billing processes to improve efficiency. 

Outside Counsel Evaluation, Selection and Management

Is it the time to renew or create your panel? We’ll help by assessing your outside counsel performance with an easy to adopt performance diagnostic tool.

Billing Guideline Creation and Audit

Setting clear expectations on how you work with your law firms is of paramount importance. Our experts have written thousands of guidelines and can help you get the most from yours. 

Reducing costs and increasing efficiency with modern spend management

Reducing spend remains a top priority for most legal departments—when Jalubro were engaged by a leading financial services firm we designed and implemented a spend management programme that delivered greater than 20% savings and 10x return on investment.

Featured Solution

Unlock the hidden value in your legal invoices

QAPTUR is an artificially intelligent invoice processing engine which uses advanced natural language processing (NLP) techniques and machine learning (ML) to automate manual bill processing and convert PDF (or other format) invoices into fully compliant LEDES invoices.