Address legal supply chain risks and track scope 3 emissions

With over 80% of an organisation’s overall environmental impact coming from their supply chain (Scope 3) emissions, measuring and mitigating risk can be challenging.

Even though many law firms already have net zero targets and strategies in place, the reporting of a law firm’s carbon footprint typically only includes their Scope 1 & Scope 2 emissions, with Scope 3 remaining relatively untouched.

But with Scope 3 emissions often representing over 90% of a law firm’s overall environmental impact, firms are under increasing pressure from regulators, investors and clients to accurately report on their Scope 3 emissions.

Given that Scope 3 emissions are all those generated indirectly (both upstream and down stream) by a law firm, and across it’s supply chain, accurately tracking Scope 3 emissions, is not only complex but very time consuming, especially if a firm wants to responsibly reduce their emissions.

We help organisations track their overall emissions, and ensure they engage a sustainable supply chain

Our net zero services are designed to help you accurately measure and report emissions across your entire supply chain (we do Scope 1 & 2 also) to reach your net zero targets.

Carbon Footprinting

All climate strategies start with calculating your carbon footprint to understand your law firm’s climate impact and focus on emission reduction initiatives.

Scope 3 (supply chain)

Gain competitive advantage and achieve your net zero ambitions by understanding the environmental impact of your entire supply chain.

Digital Carbon Footprinting

While digital technologies provide lower-carbon emission alternatives compared to their physical counterparts, digital technologies are not carbon-free.

Sustainability Strategy

Develop, monitor and validate a successful sustainability strategy as a central part of your business strategy to benefit both your firm and the environment.

Carbon Neutrality

To effectively control global warming, we must take every possible step to reduce them today. We help plan and implement your carbon neutral strategy from start to finish.

Science Based Targets (SBTs)

Helping you understand the carbon impact of your digital operations to take you closer to your Science-based targets (SBTs).

Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)

Providing access to a range of certified projects that contribute to various SDG goals

Energy Management

Reducing the long-term operating costs of your business by finding opportunities for implementing efficiency measures

Reporting Frameworks

There are many sustainability reporting frameworks including, CDP, GRI, SASB. The challenge for many firms is to understand how these standards work and which ones are most relevant to their firm.

Have you ever considered the digital carbon footprint of the technology used across your law firm?

The rapid adoption of digital innovation within law firms has brought many benefits, including some that have had a positive impact in the fight against climate change. However, with digital technologies accounting for 4% of greenhouse gas emissions (GHG) – slightly more than the entire aviation industry, your digital carbon footprint is something that can no longer be ignored.

What is a digital carbon footprint

The digital carbon footprint of an organisation is the CO2 emissions caused by the devices, internet and systems used to operate the business. This not only includes using online tools, sending emails, browsing websites and so on, but is also related to the manufacture, disposal and use of internal and external hardware and network usage.

Let us help you make digital part of your net zero strategy

As our world turns ever increasingly digital, adoption of Artificial Intelligence (AI), Internet of Things (IoT) Blockchain and cloud technologies has never been greater. As a result,  demand for more powerful devices, servers, and data centres continue to grow. All of which have a significant impact on the businesses meeting their emission reduction targets

In fact, it is estimated that digital technologies alone could produce as much as 8% of global emissions by 2025 (double their current level). For context, that is equal to the present percentage of car emissions globally.

At Jalubro, we’re passionate about digital sustainability and believe that digital can be more efficient. Every digital touchpoint and tool used by your law firm impacts your carbon footprint. By breaking down your Scope 3 emissions even further, we are able to make digital a part of your net zero targets.

Using our unique three-stage methodology, Jalubro’s experts work with law firm and legal technology leaders in helping understand, measure, and effectively remove carbon emissions associated with your use of digital technologies whilst at the same time saving your firm money.

Let’s reach digital net zero together.


Every digital touchpoint and tool used by your law firm or legal department impacts your carbon footprint. Jalubro work with legal and technology leaders in helping understand, measure, and remove carbon emissions associated with your use of digital technologies.

We help create sustainability reports in-line with current and upcoming legislation and work with your team not only to lower the carbon emissions created by your use of digital, but from across your entire legal supply chain.

Whether it’s helping IT to lower the infrastructure requirements for external legal tech suppliers, extending the lifespan of your internal hardware and ensuring it’s recycled properly, or optimising the use of your website, social channels, emails, and cloud storage — all of which can create a big impact our expert consultants have the tools to


We know many law firms already have net zero targets and strategies in place. But these typically only cover scope 1 & 2 emissions. At Jalubro, not only do we help clients accurately measure and report emissions across your entire supply chain, we create strategies that help bring your digital operations and their emissions to the same level and help you reduce them.

By helping put in place the right policies, we make your journey to net zero simple. Working closely with your IT and Digital teams, we help create and implement digital sustainability policies that seamlessly integrate into your law firms’ culture.


Achieving your net zero targets, not only requires buy-in from your law firms’ internal stakeholders, but also right across your entire supply chain.

Jalubro design and deliver tailored training courses and workshops that help ensure all stakeholders develop their own practical digital sustainability knowledge and are equipped with the right tools to reduce their own digital impact.

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