The intelligent legal invoice processing engine that uses artificial intelligence to capture, classify, extract and review unstructured invoice data and automate the creation of compliant LEDES invoices.

QAPTUR uses advanced natural language processing (NLP) techniques and machine learning (ML) to process spend and unlock the hidden value in your legal invoices

By delivering all of the valuable, granular data locked in paper invoices to the e-Billing system, QAPTUR closes the gaps in traditional software ensuring that today’s global legal departments can analsye and leverage their entire external spend.

Using powerful algorithms and intelligent character recognition, Qaptur’s self-training engine is able to quickly understand and accurately extract and review every line of invoice data saving legal service providers hours of effort manually submitting invoices.

Fast, accurate invoice recognition

Our intelligent character recognition (ICR) software identifies, extracts and classifies legal services data in multiple languages.

AI powered invoice review & compliance

Reduce the risk of rejection with pre-submission checks and advanced bill review, freeing up lawyer time, delivering better insights and optimising payment processes.

Generate LEDES invoices in seconds

Eliminate manual data entry and maximise LEDES coverage across all of your legal services suppliers.

Powerful, real-time invoice insights

Line item level analysis in real time, enables users to make faster, better decisions

Process invoices up to 90% faster with automatic compliance checks, validation and UTBMS coding

With Qaptur, a LEDES invoice can be created quickly without any manual data entry. Simply upload the PDF (or other format such as JPEG, TIFF, DOCX) in Qaptur and in seconds a 100% accurate LEDES invoice can be posted in Legal Tracker

Save time reviewing invoices and improve compliance with QapturIQ

QapturIQ uses machine learning and natural language processing to automatically analyse line item invoice details to check for compliance, inaccuracies and identify savings opportunities

Eliminate manual data entry and create LEDES invoices in seconds

Qaptur’s LEDES Parser, allows firms to quickly create LEDES invoices without any manual data entry. Simply upload your PDF (or other format) invoice in Qaptur and in seconds a 100% accurate LEDES is generated

Powerful, interactive dashboards provide firms and corporate legal teams with in-depth analysis of their invoice data

Qaptur spend analytics creates transparency beyond spend and cost. It provides real-time invoice analysis that displays line item violation details, performance measures and visibility across your entire supplier base

Unlock the hidden value in your invoice data today

Why Qaptur?

Capture and track 100% of your legal spend from invoices submitted in any format

Increase savings with more line item data to automatically review in your e-Billing system

Reduce hidden costs associated with the production of LEDES files that drive up the price of your external legal services

Improve relationships with law firms by eliminating the the e-Billing costs and increasing payment times

Improve adoption and utilisation of their e-Billing system and increase their productivity, using the latest Artificial Intelligence technologies

Leverage artificial intelligence to unlock and review commercially valuable data from complex, unstructured documents

Qaptur use cases

Corporate legal teams engaging regional and local providers across EU, LatAm, Africa, Asia-Pacific with no LEDES invoicing capabilities

Diverse supply chain – ALSPs, niche practices, direct engagement with experts and counsel struggling to meet client billing requirements

Corporate legal teams with restrictions on expenses and activities that can be charged, and looking to optimise the invoice review process and increase savings

Legal department leaders that want greater insight into their legal spend through historic invoice analysis

Legal service providers that want to validate invoices prior to submission, automate billing and accelerate payment cycles

Corporates looking to embed data-driven strategy within their department

Corporates legal teams that do not have a traditional e-billing system to track spend

Legal departments with known reporting gaps across tiers from regional/country level, supplier/resource level down to activity/expense.
Corporate legal departments wishing to digitise and migrate historic paper invoices into their new e-Billing system