Spend Management

Getting the most value from your legal spend

Legal Spend Management goes beyond simply negotiating a better hourly rate or creating a panel of approved firms. It’s about aligning all of your business goals, implementing the right solutions to make informed decisions and generating better value through innovation.


With the increased pressure on legal departments to improve efficiency and control costs, legal spend management has become an undeniable aspect of controlling costs, managing firm selection and engagement, and gaining visibility of the trade-offs between cost and outcomes when organisations outsource any work to outside counsel firms.

In principle, spend management enables corporate legal departments to have oversight of their outside counsel spend and other legal costs. Management of outside counsel spend involves having visibility of spend, identifying cost-reduction opportunities, and budgeting future spends.

Efficient legal spend management can typically bring in cost savings in the range of 20-30% in the first year, as e-billing automates processes and enables legal departments to recognise cost-saving measures both in the immediate term and by making use of data-driven strategies for the future.

What we do.

Our spend management team consists of lawyers, legally qualified technologists and legal spend experts, who understand that the key to achieving “more with less” is to adopt a model that is a combination of technology and new legal delivery services.

We help our clients find the best tools, technology, partners and strategy in order to modify workflows and strike the perfect balance between insourcing and outsourcing, so you can drive efficiency, control costs, and ultimately achieve better outcomes. Our collaborative approach means that we tailor all of our solutions to fit our ever-evolving client’s needs.

Our Legal Spend Management Solutions Include:

• E-billing solutions
• Legal bill review
• Enforcing billing guidelines
• Cost/Benefit Analysis
• Legal Analytics
• Implementation Planning
• Action Plan/Roadmap for the Future
• Management Metrics for Process Monitoring
• Monitor performance after a change has been implemented

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