Project Lifecycle

Control and transparency at every stage of the project lifecycle

The fundamentals of successfully managing a project from beginning to end requires a team of individuals with different talents and skills.


Technology is a key driver behind successfully transforming a legal operation. However, with so many solutions on the market, the rapid increase in emerging technologies such as Artificial Intelligence (AI) and cloud computing plus managing risks posed by cyber attacks, delivering a technology project is even more of a challenge than selecting the right solution in the first place.

Though technology itself can help solve some of these business challenges, implementing a successful solution can present its own set of complexities. Planning and delivering such projects requires skill and expertise, yet few organisations have the required skills and experience needed to deliver across every stage of the project life-cycle.

Project lifecycle management (PLM) is the process of planning, managing and controlling a project effectively and efficiently throughout every phase of its lifecycle to achieve overall objectives and deliver the project on time and at the right cost and quality.

What we do.

At Jalubro, we fully understand that cost pressures and recruitment freezes are the biggest obstacles faced by legal operations leaders when wanting to implement technology. We also know that hiring resources with the right set of skills and experience is extremely difficult and full of risk.

We provide expert teams with years of experience for projects of all sizes and complexities – ranging from the appointment of single project manager or business analyst to the provision of a fully integrated delivery team. These experts plan and control every aspect of the project life-cycle from concept to definition, implementation and handover, giving the confidence that the project will be delivered successfully without the stress of trying to hire an internal team.

The services we offer are;

– Programme Management
– Project Management
– Business Analysis
– Risk Management
– Cost Management
– Project Healthcheck & Recovery


Our primary objective is to provide a truly exceptional service and unbeatable value for money. We offer a completely flexible approach that can be adapted to suit any project and our project lifecycle services can be utilised to manage every stage of your project or simply help you with specific phases. Whatever the requirement our expertise and unique approach ensures we deliver the necessary outcomes.

Whatever the nature of the task, we always deliver success by combining our experience and industry proven methodologies with our own unique approach to project delivery. Our approach covers four key stages;


In this phase, we will support you in the creation of your business case, helping you scope out the benefits of the project, along with the requirements. We can also help you explore the available options to meet those requirements and make sure that you fully understand all of the risks associated to the project.


Here we will take convert the concept into a robust plan,  clearly defining project outputs and how they will be delivered and creating a project management plan. We’ll define the project scope, set governance for the project and indicate the skills that are required to ensure the project is successfully delivered.


At this stage, we take ownership of implementing the project plan and for overall project delivery, carefully monitoring progress to ensure that the requirements set out in the business case are met.

We introduce our team of experts who will put in place governance for the project, identify key performance indicators, and ensure that we plan, monitor and evaluate progress in accordance with these.


Finally, we work through the fourth phase,  carefully conducting gate reviews, project evaluation reviews, peer reviews and audits.  At this point, we’ll also document, consolidate and share lessons learned, accept the final report and confirm project closure.

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