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Process Automation

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Our transformation services provide the optimum level of support for your change project, no matter how mature your legal operation is. We can advise you on just the areas you need help with, we can provide resources to compliment your project team, or we can serve as your long term delivery partner. It’s entirely up to you.



With increasing demand to reduce costs, legal departments today more than ever before need to re-evaluate their processes to increase efficiency and effectiveness across the entire function.

Business process redesign is the rethinking and redesigning of an organisation’s key business or systems process with the objective of delivering an increase in performance measures such as productivity, cost reduction and operational efficiency.

An important objective of this is to analyse workflows within and between organisations in order to optimise end-to-end processes and eliminate tasks that do not provide maximum value.

With decades of legal industry and technology delivery experience, Jalubro has the required capabilities to successfully reengineer your legal department processes ensuring you achieve maximum ROI and deliver against your strategic goals..

What we do.


Jalubro help legal departments to improve operational performance and drive competitive advantage. We are experts at aligning legal operations with business strategies and goals, designing and delivering process improvement programmes that deliver real results.
As part of a holistic approach, our business process redesign methodology focuses on organisation, strategy, technology and people. It’s also designed to help our client’s increase efficiency, reduce costs and drive operational performance by looking at every part of your legal operation and working with you to make it better. We do this by providing;
– Process Documentation
– Procedure Development
– Organisation Structure Alignment
– Cost/Benefit Analysis
– Implementation Planning
– Action Plan/Roadmap for the Future
– Management Metrics for Process Monitoring
– Monitor performance after a change has been implemented



Process excellence is not easy to achieve. In fact, it’s a journey that can sometimes take months or even years depending on the current level of process maturity.

At Jalubro, we have the expertise to guide you throughout your entire journey. We adopt a proven value based approach to business process redesign that delivers benefits by creating a sustainable process improvement framework whilst establishing momentum for operational excellence across the entire legal function.

We leverage DMAIC (Define, Measure, Analyse, Improve, Control) to underpin our proprietary rapid improvement methodology, designed specifically for legal operations process improvement programmes.

01. PLAN.

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