Healthcare mobile app development

We build secure human-centric mHealth apps, helping you redefine healthcare experience and prepare for waves of disruption today and into tomorrow

We make quality healthcare available on the go

Relying on our expertise in healthcare software development, we gear patients, physicians, and hospitals with mHealth applications that combine rich functionality, high performance, unrivaled security, and ease of use.

For patients

We develop mHealth apps for patients to keep an eye on their health parameters, access personal health records, consult doctors, and schedule medical appointments

For physicians

We create mobile healthcare solutions that automate routine tasks, simplify healthcare records management, and assist in delivering personalized care, making practices run more efficiently

For hospitals

We equip hospitals with robust mobile healthcare solutions that optimize hospital workflows and improve clinical communication, collaboration, and healthcare data management

We bring the functionality of complex healthcare systems to mobile devices

Whether you want to improve clinical workflows or make mobile healthcare more accessible in the wake of COVID-19, we are capable of developing an iOS, Android, or cross-platform mHealth apps to address your specific needs and help you tap into new, better healthcare.

What we build:

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Healthcare mobile app development in line with the industry-specific regulations

Safe storage and transfer of patient health information is the backbone of medical apps. Our healthcare mobile app development company brings together a decade of experience creating mobile solutions and vast expertise in healthcare to craft mHealth solutions that never fail compliance reviews.


We put in place user authentication, login controls, data encryption, and other means of protecting information as early as at the design stage to guarantee that your medical app meets the technical safeguards of the HIPAA security rule


For apps facilitating diagnosis, treatment, mitigation, or prevention of health problems that may fall under FDA regulation, we prepare detailed documentation for premarket approval submission and secure your healthcare app’s compliance with all the relevant requirements


We make GDPR-compliant mHealth apps, implementing the right to be forgotten, explicit consent, data encryption, two-factor authentication, and other legal requirements to help you avoid hefty fines

Improve healthcare data interoperability through unfailing integrations

Flawless integration of your app with internal hospital systems and third-party solutions is what makes a phenomenal healthcare experience. Our healthcare mobile app development services have already helped many organizations to build seamlessly interoperating and secure ecosystems, and we can help you, too

Practice management systems. Manage hospital operations on the go and enjoy synchronized practice workflows
Insurance claim management. Make it easier for the hospital workforce to manage patient flow and speed up claims processing and patient discharge
LIS, RIS and PACS. fLet caregivers and patients access lab test results and radiology reports anywhere, anytime
Payment gateways. Let your patients pay for doctor appointments and medical procedures with a couple of clicks via swift and secure payment processing
EHR. Guarantee true interoperability and make sure no vital data gets lost with a fast and secure healthcare information exchange
Wearables. Monitor your patients from remote and prevent accidents with fast and reliable transmission of physical health parameters

Emerging tech for healthcare application development

By enriching your apps with modern technology, our healthcare app development company helps you ride the crest of transformation and tap into the healthcare of tomorrow now. Our innovations pave your way to new insights, richer patient experience, and far more effective medical training and practice while focusing on quality and compliance.

End-to-end healthcare app development process

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