Technology Enablement

Getting the right technology that works for your people

We define technology enablement as the ability to implement the right systems and optimum levels of automation necessary to deliver the highest possible level of efficiency in your legal operation.


The adoption of new technology as a means of improving processes and reducing costs has recently been recognised by legal department leaders as their number one priority for 2019.

However, technology evaluation and implementation can be a complicated and risky exercise, particularly for legal operations that have limited resource and internal expertise. Implementing new technology can also be expensive, time consuming and cause significant disruption to day-to-day operational performance if not managed correctly.

At Jalubro, we have decades of experience in the legal technology sector and understand the unique challenges faced by legal operations teams. We know how technology can best be used to enable new processes, improve service levels and provide greater efficiency and we help demystify the complexities of today’s legal technology ecosystem.

What we do.

Our technology experts don’t just help find the right technology solution, they make sure it is implemented correctly and ensure that usage is optimised for maximum efficiency and to obtain full user adoption.

We provide the capabilities needed to evaluate, design, deploy and optimise the right technology solutions to maximise return on investment. We do this by providing;

– Vision & Roadmap
– Technology Assessment
– Software Evaluation
– Software Implementation
– System Optimisation
– Technical Integration


We follow a structured approach to technology enablement at Jalubro, providing clients with all of the expertise and tools needed to successfully implement and benefit from the most relevant technology for your needs. Whether we are involved throughout all stages of a project or not, our experts will ensure maximum ROI.  We do this by;

– Creating alignment both within and across the entire legal department
– Empowering the workforce by developing a shared vision and focus
– Finding the right balance between your workforce and technology

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