Augmented reality development services

Tap into our augmented reality (AR) app development services to streamline knowledge-intensive workflows, create unmatched customer experience, and bolster your marketing initiatives

Tailored augmented reality application development services

As an established AR development company, we know how to deliver immersive experiences across a host of platforms and devices. The ITRex team leverages a potent mix of open-source and commercial augmented reality application development tools to ensure effective content presentation — where and when your company’s stakeholders need it.

Our approaches to augmented reality app development

Here at ITRex, we keep our finger on the pulse of AR technology to timely adapt our augmented reality development services to our clients’ needs. From basic QR codes to SLAM algorithms calculating a user’s position in three-dimensional space, our team uses dozens of techniques to design robust AR experiences.

Marker-based augmented reality

As part of our augmented reality development services, we craft mobile and web applications with marker recognition capabilities. Marker-based AR apps correctly identify image and object targets in real-time video data and superimpose CGI on top of them with immaculate precision. Our augmented reality company will validate that your app performs as expected regardless of external factors, such as an object’s texture or light conditions

Markerless augmented reality

Our AR app development skills also include creating markerless augmented reality apps, which use OS-specific, open-source, or proprietary technologies to analyze a user’s environment, as well as GPS and smartphone sensor data. Such apps estimate a user’s position in physical space and overlay digital content on horizontal and vertical surfaces comprising the 3D scene

Industry-specific AR software solutions

In times of WFH and growing online content consumption, we assist our clients across various industries, including media and entertainment, healthcare, online and offline commerce, sports, and education, in creating memorable, meaningful digital experiences for their customers and employees alike. Here’s what we can do to supercharge your business.

ITRex helps healthcare providers improve collaboration and knowledge sharing, enhance diagnosis, and conduct minimally invasive medical procedures. Our AR development expertise includes augmented reality exposure therapy applications, next-gen content broadcasting tools, and intelligent medical imaging solutions

ITRex creates augmented reality education and professional training solutions for K-12 organizations, colleges, universities, and corporations. We help our clients overcome the operational challenges caused by the rapid shift to remote learning, improve knowledge sharing within a company, and provide expert assistance remotely

We collaborate with grocery stores, fashion retailers, and eCommerce companies to provide a superior “try before you buy” shopping experience to digital-first customers. Our augmented reality portfolio features smart mirrors and virtual fitting rooms, beauty AR apps, in-store navigation solutions, and personalized shopping assistants living inside customer loyalty applications

We provide AR development services to logistics and transportation companies looking to overhaul inefficient processes, improve employee productivity and safety, and provide impeccable customer service. Our expertise spans AR apps for order picking, inventory management, indoor navigation, and delivery route planning

Our augmented reality experts help marketing professionals grow sales by allowing customers to virtually try on clothes, accessories, and makeup, and create a much-needed buzz around their brand. We also transform promotional materials, such as leaflets, posters, and packaging, into realistic and highly interactive product models

ITRex: an augmented reality company you can trust

In-house capacity. With 250+ IT professionals ready to take care of your project, we provide unparalleled augmented reality app development services to take your business to the next level.

Cross-functional competencies. In addition to augmented reality solutions, we are au fait with all shades of artificial intelligence and state-of-the-art data management technologies and offer technology consulting services to guide our customers through digital transformation.

Vendor-agnostic approach. When creating AR software, we only select battle-tested frameworks, libraries, and SDK that directly meet your company’s needs and diversify the project’s tech stack to reduce your company’s reliance on a particular vendor.

Built-in scalability. Our augmented reality development services stretch far beyond, well, augmented reality. Our goal is to create apps that will easily handle as many customers as your company captures and can be effortlessly updated to support the ever-changing business requirements.