Legal Tracker Coordinator Service

Maximising your investment in Legal Tracker

Jalubro is the worldwide leading Legal Tracker partner

As the leading certified Legal Tracker partner globally, Jalubro are trusted by Thomson Reuters to provide Legal Tracker customers with the expertise required to increase efficiency and value with Legal Tracker.

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Long standing and first in Europe….

Legal Tracker Coordinator service

We know in the early days of a new technology investment there are challenges with adoption, maintining ad beding in….

So whether you require a temporary Tracker Coordinator to cover absence, a longer term option because you cannot justify a full time resource or even perhaps if increasing headcount is not an option, Jalubro’s On-demand Tracker Coordinator service covers all aspects of the Tracker Coordinator role across;

How it works

In-house capacity. With 250+ IT professionals ready to take care of your project, we provide unparalleled augmented reality app development services to take your business to the next level.

Cross-functional competencies. In addition to augmented reality solutions, we are au fait with all shades of artificial intelligence and state-of-the-art data management technologies and offer technology consulting services to guide our customers through digital transformation.

Vendor-agnostic approach. When creating AR software, we only select battle-tested frameworks, libraries, and SDK that directly meet your company’s needs and diversify the project’s tech stack to reduce your company’s reliance on a particular vendor.

Built-in scalability. Our augmented reality development services stretch far beyond, well, augmented reality. Our goal is to create apps that will easily handle as many customers as your company captures and can be effortlessly updated to support the ever-changing business requirements.

All Solutions

All of our solutions are designed to help you improve performance and increase value.

Legal Bill Review

Provide employees with legal process intake forms in an intuitive self-service portal.

Legal Spend Forensics

Simplify the practitioner experience and prioritise legal requests for rapid response.

Billing Guideline Compliance

Escalate and track ongoing legal matters without spreadsheets.

Legal Project Management

Get faster time to value with prepackaged, best practice workflows for legal services.

Programme Management

Increase business efficiency with easy knowledge sharing and collaboration.

Technical Consultants

Provide a single place where employees can quickly get all the services they need.

Data Scientist

Simplify employee self-service with a native mobile app for requests and actions.

Legal Tracker Coordinator

Make it easy for agents to triage, act on, and resolve requests on the go.


Resolve issues faster and scale your organisation with intelligent chatbots.


Generate and distribute customised reports and dashboards on demand and in real time.

TAP Workflow

Generate and distribute customised reports and dashboards on demand and in real time.

Data Transformation Bootcamp

Generate and distribute customised reports and dashboards on demand and in real time.