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Tomorrow’s legal operation, today.

Legal departments can determine their destinies and decide if and how they choose to embrace innovations in technology, new service delivery models, and increased operational and cost efficiencies. No matter what future a legal department envisions for itself, it will need to start forming a strategy today for how to get there.


Legal technology is an essential component to any legal operation. It plays a very crucial role in multiple areas, such as workflow management, e-discovery management, document review, e-billing to name a few. Advances in legal technology represent an incredible opportunity for legal operations trying to improve their overall efficiency in order to adapt to a progressively popular agile working environment.

With hundreds of legal technology providers each vying for a piece of the very lucrative market, legal teams are presented with a plethora of options across Automation, artificial intelligence and analytics as well as in areas such as spend management, contract management and so on. To complicate things further, the rise in Software as a Service (SaaS) solutions means most legal operations teams struggle to select and implement the right which often proves a costly mistake.

What we do.

We are a team of legal technologists and delivery professionals dedicated to transforming legal operations with technology. Because we have lived and breathed legal technology for decades, have real world experience implementing and using this technology within legal departments and law firms (we have lawyers on the team also!), we are well placed to advise on what solution is right for your operation.

We specialise in technology. It is what drives us. It is also what our partners know us for. We are also the leading specialist in E-billing and matter management software in Europe and trusted partners to the leading providers of this software.

In addition, our experience with machine learning and AI-based tools enables us to help legal teams select and implement the right tools to achieve maximum performance and efficiency.

We are experts in;

E-billing & Matter Management
Enterprise Legal Management (ELM)
Contract Lifecycle Management
Document Management Systems
Contract/Document Automation
Spend Management
Workflow Automation

Digital Transformation

Accelerate your journey to a digital legal operation.

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Legal Operations

Helping to do more with less.

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Operational Excellence

Achieve step change improvement in core operational processes

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Legal Process Automation

Maximise cost savings and free up valuable lawyer time.

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Spend Management

Getting the most value from your legal spend

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