Data-driven insights as a competitive advantage

We help our clients use their data to predict the future and build smarter

A sophisticated data and analytics strategy transforms your business from simply surfacing today’s problems to diagnosing their root causes, predicting their future path, and making smarter prescriptive decisions to guide your organization.

From data management to data science, we help our clients solve challenges to understand and visualize consumer trends and more accurately target customers, plus reduce the operational barriers that get in the way of both.


How we do it

Optimity offers a holistic approach to help our clients identify data gaps that hinder them from achieving their business strategy.

We make data usable to our clients and support them in discovering, capturing, harmonizing, curating and directing their data. Our approach allows clients to transition from using emotions or anecdotes to make decisions into a culture where action is driven by data.

What's Your Priority?

Explore the challenges that connect to your situation. We can work together to chart the best path forward for your specific organization and circumstance.

Medical imaging, genetics, drug and vaccine development, enhanced patient-doctor communication

Recommendation engines and targeted advertising, demand and revenue forecasting, customer behavior and shopping pattern analysis, customer review analysis and sentiment recognition, fraud prevention

Fraud detection, risk analytics, customer data management, personalization, algorithmic trading

Delivery cost optimization, route planning, demand forecasting, intelligent inventory management, predictive maintenance

LMS content analysis, personalization of educational programs, advanced student progress monitoring, help desk solutions

LMS content analysis, personalization of educational programs, advanced student progress monitoring, help desk solutions

Let's find a solution to your

Our practical and experienced approach drives true business value and helps you make better informed, quicker decisions that enable your business to succeed.

analytics and personalization

Perform accurate segmentation, model customer churn and lifetime value, and enjoy other benefits of data science for business


Accurately identify risk factors and develop fitting risk prevention and mitigation strategies


Reveal your customers’ true interests and wishes and meet them with tailored offers


Prolong equipment life, lower maintenance costs, and eliminate downtimes with timely checkups


Identify business gaps and create winning business strategies based on multi-factor competition analysis


Harness algorithms to prevent quality issues and carry out quality control of unmatched accuracy

and Demand Forecasting

Predict demand changes and adjust inventory volumes and pricing strategies accordingly


Maximize business efficiency with faster operations and manual task automation