Legal Tracker Coordinator Service

Tap into our unrivalled Tracker expertise, provided to you as a fully flexible, cost effective and risk free service

The right skills when you need them

Do you require a temporary Legal Tracker Coordinator to cover absence, a longer term option because you cannot justify a full time resource or even perhaps if increasing headcount is not an option?  Get immediate access to a highly competent Tracker expert with the experience to cover all aspects of the Tracker Coordinator role at a fraction of the cost of an internal hire. Whatever your need, we have it covered.

Full-time Tracker Coordinator

Perform accurate segmentation, model customer churn and lifetime value, and enjoy other benefits of data science for business

Interim Tracker Coordinator

Accurately identify risk factors and develop fitting risk prevention and mitigation strategies

On-demand tracker Coordinator

Perform accurate segmentation, model customer churn and lifetime value, and enjoy other benefits of data science for business


Accurately identify risk factors and develop fitting risk prevention and mitigation strategies

Talent solutions that deliver value

Cost effective
Fill skills gaps
Fully flexible
Full-range of support

with zero recruitment or training costs
by gaining access to your own dedicated Tracker expert with years of hands-on experience
no long term contract and packages starting with as few as 10 hours service delivery – start tomorrow !                                                                                           covering configuration, training, administration, optimisation and law firm support

What we do

The Tracker Coordinator is  more than just a system administrator. The best Tracker Coordinators have vast experience of e-billing practices, intimate knowledge of Legal Tracker and understand everything there is to know about how to implement, configure and optimise the solution to maximise performance and ROI. Developing the required skills and gaining the level of experience required to successfully fulfil the Tracker Coordinator role takes many months, if not years and therefore presents legal departments with a significant challenge.

We become and extension of your in-house team providing the required business as usual services to ensure the smooth running of day to day business operations including; maintaining matters in Tracker, managing invoice processing, accounting code reviews, timekeeper rate maintenance, budget entry, review & enforcement and Accrual collection & reporting

We act as the primary support contact for all of your Legal Tracker users’ support requests. We also become point of contact for other company stakeholders including accounts payable, audit  and finance

Bespoke and standard end user and administrator training delivered to your exact requirements and designed with Tracker users in mind.

Assisting and training law firms on your legal department’s specific system requirements and processes (over and above the no-cost law firm support provided by Legal Tracker support).

Get more from your Tracker investment with our optimisation service. Leveraging our teams’ subject matter expertise and industry & technical experience we are best placed to help you get more from Tracker. 

*Additional fees may apply

Why choose us?


years of ongoing collaboration with clients on average
years of hands-on experience with Legal Tracker
Legal Tracker implementations delivered globally by our team
years combined experience in legal spend management
combined legal spend across projects

Uncover the benefits

Risk free You get best-matching CVs in the first 24 hours. You can interview candidates directly or via HR specialists, test tasks are welcomed
Guaranteed unrivalled expertise Advanced HR network, recruiting internally and externally through extended databases to hand-pick candidates based on their personal characteristics, tech stacks and experience
Scale up and beyond  We provide as many highly qualified specialists as you need. Start with any number of FTEs and extend the team with extra talent needed at any moment in a stress-free and easy way
Flexible resource replacement We can replace any specialist based on your feedback or updated requirements to ensure a perfect fit

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