Change Management

Making change programmes succeed.

Change is not just about technology. It’s also about the people that use the technology.


Legal departments and law firms are facing unprecedented levels of change and whilst the need to lead effective change is increasing, so too is change fatigue.

Change Management is an approach to transitioning an organisation including its people from their current state to a new target state. In our opinion, change management is a fundamental part of successfully implementing new software. However, it is often not fully appreciated and sometimes even overlooked. Without it, projects are more often than not deemed a failure.

At Jalubro we make change happen. We help clients embrace change and achieve their desired project outcomes.

What we do.

At Jalubro we understand change is difficult. Luckily, it’s a challenge we enjoy tackling. We focus on the people side of change and partner with legal operations teams to deliver lasting and meaningful change.

We’ve developed our own legal specific change model, aligned to the PROSCI’s ADKAR Framework, which is seamlessly integrated with our unique Transformation Model. By combining these with industry best practice we can maximise long-term organisational benefits and help clients not just implement change, but to own and embrace their transformation. We deliver;

Change readiness / Impact assessment
Behavioural assessment
Stakeholder analysis
Communications strategy / plan
Stakeholder assurance assessment
Benefits analysis


We bring our framework to life by applying it in context across the entire project lifecycle in four phases. We call this our change ‘wrapper’


During discovery, the goal is to understand the context of the change, identify the impacted stakeholders and the scale of the impacts.


During design, the focus is on influencing delivery activities, responding to needs of affected stakeholders, assessing organisational readiness for change and planning the delivery activities and sequencing during rollout.


Through delivery, actions are tracked for completion, engagement and communication is delivered / monitored. Training is delivered and leadership continues to be mobilised and engaged to assist with adoption.

04. EMBED.

Embedding builds on the activities delivered during the project, reinforces the organisational change and identifies measures to improve on future delivery.

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