Business Analysis as a Service

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Our flexible business analysis service supports legal operations by providing some of the most highly skilled and experienced analysts to support your project needs, overcoming the internal obstacles that often mean a project is often not resourced as it should be.


Business analysis is the discipline of enabling change by defining business needs and putting in place practical solutions. It bridges the gap between business need and what technology can deliver, helping to find better ways of working, to save time, and to increase the overall effectiveness of a legal operation.

Over the past 10 years, the importance of business analysis has changed dramatically and now provides more value to a legal operation than ever before. Business analysis is also increasingly being recognised by legal department leaders as an essential requirement in the delivery of strategic initiatives.

However, there are several challenges which a legal department faces in acquiring such skills. Whilst large corporate legal departments and law firms may have access to teams of full-time analysts from within their wider organisation, these analysts often do not have the specific legal knowledge or experience required to overcome the complexities of a legal operation. Smaller legal teams on the other hand face altogether an entirely different set of challenges and often have less in-house expertise to fall back on as well as significantly less budget to hire externally.

Jalubro’s flexible Business Analysis service can be invaluable, not only providing experienced analysts with years of legal technology and process expertise but also providing the required skills and support to navigate the unique challenges faced by legal teams of all sizes, all without increasing overheads.


What we do.

Jalubro’s business analysis service is an ideal solution for legal departments and law firms – regardless of size, complexity or budget – who do not have the required skills available in-house or have a short-term project requirement that does not justify an external hire. Our fully flexible business analysis service provides access, when needed, to highly skilled, experienced business analysts, who have years of legal industry experience, deep knowledge of leading technologies and expertise in industry-standard techniques (for example, UML) and development methodologies such as Agile.
Our business analysis service provides legal operations leaders with the security and confidence that their needs will be understood and provides a base from which to manage change and understand its impact. Our experts can help with;

– Solution scope & requirements elicitation
– Understanding the business vision, drivers, goals and objectives
– Business requirements analysis
– Requirements specifications and Documentation
– Business case creation
– Process mapping (current and future state)
– Writing BRD, SRD, Use Cases, User Stories, Acceptance Criteria
– Presenting documentation to business & technical stakeholders
– Change impact analysis
– Identify opportunities for improvement in operations and processes
– Design or modification of business systems or IT systems
– Gap Analysis
– Solving business problems and, as needed, designing technical solutions
– Documenting the functional / technical design of a system
– Work with system architects and developers to ensure the system is properly implemented
– Test new systems and create system documentation and user manuals
– Identifying project issues and risks and seeking prompt resolution.

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